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This journal is "friends only."

LiveJournal provides an option intended to reduce the chances of search engines indexing a journal; however, the only way to make it completely impossible for such indexing to occur is setting the entry security to "friends only" or higher when first posting the entry. If an entry is first posted publicly, and then edited to reflect a higher security level, it may have already been indexed by a search engine in the time between the security edit. The popular "friends only" security option, which has since been adopted by Xanga and MySpace, hides a post from the general public so that only those on the user's friends list can read it. Some users keep all their posts friends-only. LiveJournal also allows users to create custom user groups within their group of friends to further restrict who can read any particular post, and to allow easy reading of subsets of a user's friends list.



Dear Visitors,

Welcome, and thanks for reading my online journal.

I write about what I want, and I make no apologies for it. My postings range from the mundane to the esoteric. I make observations about my life, the lives of my friends, my pets, my home, politics, science, personal beliefs, entertainment, sex and whatever else I wish to express. In essence, it's all over the place. I'm a true-blue believer in free speech and civil liberties, and I will not be squelched.

Unfortunately, there are predators out there just waiting to pick up a bit or piece of information that could be used to harm me, and because of the increasing dangers of identity theft and fraud, I no longer post my most personal thoughts and information in public entries. Some of my friends don't want to sign up for a LiveJournal account, and I respect that, but my privacy is more important than anyone's unwillingness to sign up for an account, so there we are.

So if you want to see my private entries, you must be 1) a LiveJournal member and 2) be someone I already feel comfortable about reading my personal posts or 3) a good friend of a friend with a glowing referral.

To "get in," send a text message to my phone with your LiveJournal username and I will consider your request. (Use link "Send me a text message" below - be sure to include your LJ Username.) Otherwise, you'll have to be satisfied wth my infrequent public posts. I don't allow everyone in who requests access, however. Nothing personal, of course. After all, this is a web site, not a relationship, right?

Best Wishes, -Michael

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